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C.Louise Moye Paintings

C. Louise Moye paintings are largely dream based.


I travel through the vortex of a dream and return with a kind of iconic capsule which contains the essence of the symbolism within the dream. Whether it be a portrait of a timeless soul or an abstract passageway, the image is the shaman at the precipice of the psyche.

All of my pictures on are for sale.


Prints of the originals are also available.

Please contact me with any questions.

I prefer to discuss payment and

shipping details by email.

C. Louise Moye is an artist & art teacher. She has been a sculptor and a painter for

over 30 years.


Her early years of art started mainly in dance and choreography, then progressed to large-scale steel sculpture, to interactive musical sculpture (steel sculpture combined with drum skin and played) to mixed media and oil painting on wood.



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